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DOM is a forming pronoun of the word ''Freedom''.
This is what we want our clients to enjoy during their stay in Mykonos. Our goal is to consistently offer high-end culinary services while approaching the warmth of a family occasion. If privacy is what you need while on vacation then just choose the date, the place and the guests, we arrange the rest, unique events will follow your memories on your way back. No matter where you are, at your villa or yacht , our team is chosen selectively to approach your exclusive needs. We talk the "simple" language so you have less to do but enjoy the moments.

We launched ''Dine Of Mykonos'' with a very specific goal, making private dining services not only a service but mostly an experience .We approach food in a minimal modern way but at the same time we focus on the warmth of a family occasion, that's what makes us different. With a selection of young chefs with creative ideas and love for their job we made our team.
That's the way to create memories to DOM's clients.